Archambaud Project - Brand Redesign

Close-up view of Archambaud stove

Revival of the Archambaud Brand

Comprehensive Design and Creative Collaborations

Total re-design of Archambaud's brand image. Global creation and design: product/graphic/visual, photographic/web...

Archambaud designs and manufactures high-end wood-burning stoves, celebrating the art of French living and cuisine.

In collaboration with Simon Berger and Clémentine Passet.

Archambaud website page, traditional stove.

Communication and Visual Excellence

Ergonomics and Graphics for Strong Impact

Ergonomics, graphics, photography, every communication vector with the end customer has been created to speak to future Archambaud stove buyers in the best possible way.

All entry points to the brand must meet the quality level of the final product. Excellence.

Archambaud stove from the Origin series.

Creating Strong Images for Archambaud

Prominent Presence in the Distribution Network

Comparison of Archambaud column sizes.

Image creation: Oak totem and epoxy lacquering.

Archambaud expands into retailers and specialized exhibitions.

From Icon to Identity - The Archambaud Logo

Details and Design of the Symbolic Logo

Archambaud brand elements and tools.

From pen to final piece: detailed logo design for Archambaud "The Flame of Lily".

Staging Archambaud Kitchens

Photographs Revealing Design and Luxury

Archambaud stove in a rustic interior.