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Lou Stools - Unique Design

Ingenious Assembly and Interchangeable Design

The Lou stool range is characterized by obvious, unique, and careful assembly. The playful assembly makes the seat and legs interchangeable infinitely.

The solid wood seat allows for the use of various wood types. The three identical legs, made by folding, provide a contrast with their colored epoxy finish.

Thanks to its diversity and simplicity, the Lou collection fits into any interior: bedside table, side table, bar, and more.

Stool with metal legs
Close-up of stool with TipToe logo

Description of Materials - Lou Range

Technical and Aesthetic Details

Material description

Seat: Solid wood, natural oak, natural beech, or thermally modified, matte protective varnish.

Legs: Steel, epoxy finish, matte.

Central core: Injected aluminum, epoxy paint finish.

  • Weight: 5 | 6 | 7 kg
  • Height: 45 | 66 | 76 cm
  • Diameter: 30 cm
Technical diagram of stools

Assembly and Plans of Lou Stools

Assembly Kit and Visual Instructions

Open box, tray, and utensils
Archambaud product design drawings

Variety of Tipteo Lou Stools

Images of Different Sizes and Styles

Three minimalist white and wood stools