Bastille Project - Reinventing Urban Bicycles

Innovation at the Heart of Bastille Bike

300 Unique Parts and Three Innovative Patents

This Bastille bike features over 300 specific parts, a unique frame assembly, and 3 associated patents: the removable stem, retractable seat post, and the folding/unfolding frame kinematics, the project's main innovation.

These ingenious features allow this standard-sized bike to compact itself in seconds for easy transport and storage on trains, in car trunks, or any tight spaces.

Black urban bike on a white background.
Compact black folding bike

From Idea to Reality - Bastille Cycles

Collaborations and Years of Development

Starting from a blank slate, a highly innovative project, qualified teams in various fields to bring a completely new industrial product to life.

Several years of development, with Gilles Henry, founder of Bastille Cycles and the inventor of this unique folding solution.

Technical diagram of the Bastille bike
Scattered bike parts and 3D model

Design Adapted to Urban Challenges

Functionality and Aesthetics of the Folding Bike

A design heavily constrained by the classic demands of an urban bike and by the specific features added to this folding bike.

Detailed bike handlebar mechanism
Central part of a folded bike in 3D print

Design and Development Process

Iteration and Prototyping in Creating Bastille

Metal bike parts

Design - Develop - Iterate - Prototype ...

Visual Presentation of the Bastille Bike

Design and Functionality in Images

Vélo Bastille noir plié et déplié